What to expect after hemorrhoid surgery:

  • Hemorrhoid surgery is painful, especially for the first two weeks after surgery.
  • Expect anal pain for 2-4 weeks after surgery, especially with bowel movements.
  • You will be provided a script for analgesia, antibiotics and laxatives.
  • Depending on the type of haemorrhoid surgery you have, you may need 1-2 weeks off work.
  • You may experience light bleeding and clear fluid discharge. Few drops of blood with bowel movements are expected.
  • You may have the urge for bowel movement without any stool being in the rectum.
  • You may experience difficulty urinating as a result of anal pain

Post-operative care:

  • You should consume plenty of fluids and fibre in your diet to avoid constipation.
  • Avoid spicy food.
  • Avoid sitting on the toilet for long periods of time.
  • Avoid straining during bowel movement.
  • No heavy lifting for 4 weeks following your procedure.
  • You can lay on your stomach with a pillow under your hip. This will help reduce swelling in the anal region.
  • Use baby wipes instead of toilet paper after bowel movements or wash the anal area with water and pat dry.

How to manage your pain:

  • Use Panadol and Nurofen regularly to control your pain.
  • You will be prescribed stronger pain killers and topical ointment to relax the anal sphincter.
  • Sitz bath: sit in a warm water bath for 10-15 minutes 3 times a day. Simply immerse your bottom in warm water (no salt or soap). Then pat the anal area dry. You can continue this if you have pain in the anal area.
  • You can apply ice pack several times a day for 10 minutes at a time. Don’t apply ice directly on skin. Use a towel to wrap the ice pack before applying onto skin.

Call us, your GP or visit the emergency department if:

  • You have worsening anal pain.
  • You have a
  • You have purulent and offensive smelling discharge.
  • You have heavy bleeding especially 7-14 days after surgery.
  • You have difficulty urinating.